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What is Porcelain (Lamina) Coating?

It is a coating applied to the tooth to restore a damaged tooth. Its aim is to beautify, strengthen and protect the female. The crown can be made in the following cases.
* To restore a large filler if there is not enough dental support.
* To prevent breakage of poor teeth.
* As a dental implant superstructure.
* To cover broken, deformed or colored teeth. Porcelain crowns can be made of metal or full porcelain.ADVANTAGES OF FULL PORCELAIN CURES
Metal-backed porcelain give the appearance of a dark space as if there were some lights (disco, camera flash etc.) in the mouth.
Full porcelain, like natural teeth, pass all kinds of light. Full porcelain, as they pass the light, creates a aesthetics that is very similar to the natural tooth structure, even though it is very well done, there is an opacity and artificiality in the metal-porcelain. For this reason, full porcelain is preferred especially for front teeth.
Since there is no metal in the base without metal support, there is no dark line at the crown-gum level. A more aesthetic image is provided.
Metal-backed porcelain is mechanically attached to the tooth. Full porcelain is mechanically and chemically attached to the tooth. For this reason, their retention is much higher than that of metal supports.
There is no risk of allergy to some metals (nickel, etc.) used in the substructure and not in full porcelain.