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It is the highest quality that has reached to date in terms of aesthetics, durability, texture harmony and naturalness, which are the basic requirements of dentistry.
In this system, zirconium is used instead of metal as a white alloy. This state-of-the-art technology is the only material that can offer aesthetics and durability together. The main advantage of the system is that it provides a very aesthetic appearance in the bridges in the rear region with very high durability.
Zirconium tooth coating, bleaching, such as results (such as high-grade (antibiotics, fluorine, etc.) colorations, previously cut teeth, cut the teeth (diastema closure), in the mouth of the metal-supported bridge crowns (coating), people with broken teeth, correction of the color and It is applied in the correction of the old fillings of deformed structures, in the correction of the curved and curved teeth (as an alternative to orthodontic treatment), in teeth with excessive substance loss which cannot be made.
As it is perfectly compatible with our body, it can be easily used in people with gum disease or gum disease.
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