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Pedodontics (Pediatric Dentistry) is a department which aims to protect the healthy and permanent teeth of 0-12 age group children and to eliminate the problems caused by caries, trauma, hereditary and similar factors.

The first aim of the pediatric dentist is to take measures to prevent the occurrence of dental problems and to direct patients to a caries-free future. The procedures applied for this purpose are called “Preventive Dentistry Applications.. Pediatric dentistry treatments;

Topical fluorination in children with high risk of caries
Fissure coverage in permanent molars prone to caries,
Restorative treatments (filling) in deciduous milk and permanent teeth,
Root canal treatments in infected milk and permanent teeth,
Extraction of chronically infected teeth,
To maintain the location of early lost teeth due to infection until permanent teeth continue to be fixed / mobile placeholder,
Protective orthodontic applications (apparatus with tongue retainer, cross jumping apparatus for removing anterior region cross-closure),
Transparent night plates made to prevent wear of tooth surfaces due to clenching during sleep or daily life,
Dental treatments under general anesthesia,
Aesthetic filling treatments in fractures caused by trauma
Splinting (fixation) treatments and follow-up in the teeth subject to luxation due to trauma,
It includes the follow up of dental development and maintenance.