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Laser Applications

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Laser operations are performed in soft and hard tissue in dentistry.
Some of these applications,
* Cleaning of dental caries,
* Teeth Whitening,
* All kinds of surgical procedures in jaw and gingiva,
* Aesthetic dental treatments,
* Dental fillings,
* Formation of gums,
* Canal Treatments,
* Sensitization of sensitive teeth,
* Herpes and aphthae treatments.
The Teeth of the Twenties are the third molar teeth at the end of both sides of the jaw. As the most recent molars are present, there may not be enough voids in the mouth and the teeth may remain buried beneath the gum or bone. As a result, swelling, pain or oblique teeth may appear in the palate.
In our polyclinic with our expert jaw surgeon, sterile and equipped with the latest system technology in our operating room Twenty Years Teeth extraction service is provided. For further information please contact.