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Made of titanium metal that is surgically placed on your jawbone under your gums and has no side effects for the organism; plates, screws and nails are called implants. Implants assume the tasks of missing natural teeth in which they are placed. The best alternative to natural teeth, dental implants provide aesthetic and natural appearance to your face by providing better chewing and speaking function than traditional bridges and dentures.
In implant application, healthy teeth are left untouched during the completion of missing teeth. It has a longer life than all prostheses. Since the implants boil the jaw bone, they provide constant support for artificial teeth. Prostheses and bridges attached to implants do not slip inside your mouth. Thus, chewing and speech problems are eliminated. In addition, since 1 implant is made instead of 1 lost tooth, it prevents the loss of intact teeth by cutting for the bridge.
The implant is performed in the form of examination, operation, healing phase, implant superstructure and prosthesis. The recovery process is approximately 3-4 months. The implant can be applied to anyone who has completed bone development. Implants can be used for a lifetime if necessary maintenance is performed. The implants are made of substances that do not have any side effects for the organism. Therefore, it is not possible for the body to reject the implant.
The Teeth of the Twenties are the third molar teeth at the end of both sides of the jaw. As the most recent molars are present, there may not be enough voids in the mouth and the teeth may remain buried beneath the gum or bone. As a result, swelling, pain or oblique teeth may appear in the palate.
In our polyclinic with our expert jaw surgeon, sterile and equipped with the latest system technology in our operating room Twenty Years Teeth extraction service is provided. For further information please contact.