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Endodontics is a canal treatment known as halas. In fact, the Greek word endo “in” and odont “tooth” was formed as a result of the merger of the word. As it can be understood from here, it is a science that deals with the inside of the teeth and resolves the problems that arise there.
genital complaints, pain that does not persist in your teeth for a long time after consuming a hot or cold food belirgin pain in the neck area marked by swelling and throbbing. When diagnosing such complaints, it is not correct to say that it is only a dental condition. If all of the controls have been achieved, this is due to the tooth and requires dental canal treatment.

Who should be treated for root canal kim
Correct treatment is also provided by a specialist endodontist.

Contrary to common knowledge, there is no case that canal treatment will not be performed in the tooth treated with root canal. Inadequate or incorrect canal treatment may lead to subsequent inflammation. Or a well-treated treatment may lose its isolation and become inflamed due to bacterial leakage for different reasons. All these causes necessitate re-canal treatment.

The most frightening and difficult to understand treatment among dental procedures for our patients is usually canal treatment. By summarizing the outlines of the endodontic treatment procedure we performed in our clinic, we aimed to eliminate the curiosity and fear of our patients about canal treatment.