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Aesthetic Dentistry

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Aesthetic Porcelains
One of the most closely related factors is human teeth and facial expression. Laminate porcelain is one of the solutions of the people who are suffering from this problem.
What is Porcelain Lamina?
They are extremely thin porcelain sheets adhered to the teeth. Although the porcelain is thin, they become very durable when they are bonded to the teeth.
In what circumstances is porcelain laminated?
– If there is a breakage or wear in the teeth – If there is color and shape problems in the teeth – If the teeth are short – If the gap between the front teeth is disturbing, porcelain muscle is one of the best treatment methods.
How is Porcelain Lamina Applied?
The dentist takes pictures of the teeth in the first session and takes the first picture. The gums are checked and, if necessary, treated first. If gingival treatment is applied, wait 15 days and then apply the etching process to make room for laminate porcelain application. Porcelain molds prepared in the laboratory according to the measurements taken are placed in the teeth in the next session.
Porcelain Teeth Properties
Laminate porcelain applied teeth have a very natural and aesthetic appearance. Someone who doesn’t know can’t distinguish them from your own teeth. There is no disturbance to the tongue because the rest of the teeth do not undergo any operation.
In what circumstances can porcelain dental applications not be performed?
Porcelain tooth cannot be applied to teeth that have been previously cut or coated. If there is a closure problem in the teeth or the teeth are too distorted, the procedure cannot be applied again.
What should be considered after application?
After you have adhered porcelain teeth, you need to pay as much attention to your teeth as you can. Porcelain teeth do not require special care. With regular mouth and teeth care, you can have sturdy porcelain teeth for many years.